Proof Magazine: 6 Cocktail Recipes to Make for National Tequila Day

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This Friday, July 24 is National Tequila Day – so make sure to raise your glass and pour a shot with your favorite tequila brand and celebrate this holiday the right way! We’ve put together a list of our favorite tequila cocktails so you can try them out for yourself this weekend! Now, while no one really knows the history about how National Tequila Day came about, here is some fun history about tequila from for you to read about while you drink:

“The Cuervo family, who everyone now knows and loves, began commercially distilling tequila in 1758, followed later by the Sauza family in 1873 (and we’re sure, a few other small producers in between). According to Slate, Don Cenobio Sauza was responsible for identifying blue agave as the best for producing tequila – and by this point what we now know as tequila was likely being produced at these distilleries.”

“As the case with rye whisky from Canada during Prohibition, tequila also found home among American scofflaws. Unable to get their hands on much beyond second-rate whiskey and bathtub gin, drinkers in the U.S. began taking advantage of Mexico’s sweet agave nectar – not to mention the more than one hundred bars in Tijuana that were plentiful with drink and easy to access. By the time 1936 rolled around, it was once again legal to drink in the States and going to Mexico for a good time was no longer requisite. But a newspaperman named James Graham and his wife took a trip to Tijuana, where they wound up in one of the surviving bars run by an Irishman called Madden, who was known around the area for his Tequila Daisy. Though Madden admitted that the creation of the drink was a lucky mistake, it’s become one of the most celebrated in the U.S. (margarita in Spanish days means daisy). When was the last time you celebrated Cinco de Mayo without one? (Assuming you celebrate that strangely American of Mexican holidays).”

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