Jon Wolfe

Nationally touring country singer, Jon Wolfe, received the affectionate nickname of Juan Lobo from his fans after more than a decade touring across the United States. Wolfe decided to go in search for the perfect tequila -

One that held true to the ancient traditions of the Mexican craft, had character to stand above the rest, and delivered the ultimate taste without any additives. More than two years passed while Jon perfected the flavor profile now known as Juan Lobo Tequila.
Amber Wolfe

Amber Wolfe spent her college years at Texas State University as a Texas State Strutter, and graduated with her degree in Early Childhood Education. She used her skills developed in pageantry to move into the world of Sales and Marketing in the B2B technology industry in Austin, Texas where she has climbed the ladder in the corporate world and has spoken in many international conferences on the success she found moving the revenue needle for companies in the Silicon Valley.

In November 2019, Amber married country singer, Jon Wolfe, and is now the VP of Marketing for their national tequila brand, Juan Lobo Tequila.
Steven Vourvoulias

Industry veteran with decades of experience directing teams of employees in companies through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes.

Our Distillery

You might notice on our label, there’s a distinction that sets us apart from the other tequilas you’ve ever seen - It says “NOM 1414”. That number designates our origin, our distillery. The Vivanco family distillery is nestled in the highlands region of Jalisco in a town called Arandas. A distilleria el ranchito, our distillery houses livestock, fifth generation agave farmers, and a long line of tradition to create the distinct, smooth flavor of Juan Lobo Tequila.

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