Jon Wolfe discusses life in quarantine, new music, and Juan Lobo Tequila

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Country artist Jon Wolfe chatted with Digital Journal about life in quarantine, new music in the works, and his new Juan Lobo tequila.

“We’re hanging in there,” he said about life during the quarantine. “Just like anyone else, it’s tough to be cooped up for this long. It’s pretty difficult to not do what you love – being on the road, performing, and engaging with fans – but I’ve been able to catch up on things I’ve put off for a while and found creative ways to connect with our fans on social media.”

He acknowledged that he sees a silver lining in being quarantined. “I’ve been able to spend quality time with my wife, which I typically don’t get to do since I’m on the road three to four days a week. I’ve also caught up on some projects around the house that I put off in the past,” he said.

“I’ve also been able to connect with my fans in a different way since we hit the pause button on touring. I’ve been holding Facebook and Instagram Live shows almost weekly which has been really fun for me to connect with fans in a much more relaxed, fun, and interactive environment than a typical concert,” he said.

For his fans, he remarked about the pandemic, “Time is the one resource we will never get back, and through this, we’ve been given such a beautiful gift of time. That time can be used however you want. Spend it with the people you love the most, develop a skill you’ve always wanted to learn, give back to those in need, or whatever makes you happy. Whatever you do, don’t squander this time we’re given and make sure when things do return to normal again, you’re carrying this period of time in your future steps to prioritize your life according to what truly makes you happy. Life is just too short, so spend your days wisely.”

Wolfe also opened up about Juan Lobo tequila. “It really started over eight years ago with a nickname. My fans in South Texas affectionately gave me the nickname, Juan Lobo, which is my name is Spanish. I always thought it would be a great name for a brand of some kind someday, but didn’t perceive it to be a tequila brand. The convergence of my love for tequila and my love for that nickname became the birth of Juan Lobo Tequila.”

“Over the years, I became passionate about 100 percent blue agave, sipping tequilas,” he said. “Like any business venture, you’ve gotta start somewhere and for me, it started with me taking trips to Guadalajara, Arandas, and Tequila, learning a lot about the process, the distilleries, and the industry. Many late nights were spent developing this company behind the scenes of my touring career, and sometimes I can’t believe this product that started as merely a dream, now sits on shelves and people are loving it.”

Wolfe continued, “There are quite a few differentiators for Juan Lobo Tequila. My vision for Juan Lobo Tequila is essentially a premium/ultra-premium product at an entry-level tequila aficionado price point. My platform as a country artist has been leveraged to build the fanbase for my tequila.”

“I also realize that today’s consumer loves to connect to a person, story, or cause – Juan Lobo Tequila allows consumers to really sink their teeth into the story of Juan Lobo and I’m a very active founder that fans can feel connected to. Our product is distilled in copper pot stills, fermented with champagne yeast alongside classical music in a pastoral distilleria el ranchito, 100 percent blue agave craft tequila,” he said.

On his plans for 2020 and beyond, he said, “I’m working on a new record this year. We just released the short film for my tequila brand, so we’re working hard within the Juan Lobo Tequila business and making new music all the while.”

For his fans, he concluded about Juan Lobo, “This has been a passion project of mine for years, and to see it out on shelves is still so unbelievable to me! I hope you all love it as much as I do! To find a local retailer or purchase online, head to our website.”

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